A fresh twist on a Wisconsin staple – the sausage!


Matthew Devan is a trained butcher originally from East London, South Africa. He started as an apprentice at his father’s butcher shop & went on to become professionally trained in South Africa.

In 2000, Matthew moved to Dublin, Ireland and continued his work as a butcher for Higgins Family Butchers. After meeting his wife Wendi (a Milwaukee native), the two packed up and moved to Wisconsin in 2004.

Matthew & Wendi, have set out to bring the flavor of his homeland to Wisconsinites, with a fresh twist on a Wisconsin staple – the sausage!


Q: How did you come up with the name SA Braai?
A: In South Africa (SA), a Braai is a physical structure built on your patio used “to grill” or “to braai”. We recommend our Boerewors prepared on the braai (a grill), so SA Braai was a perfect fit.

Q: What is a Boerewors?
A: A popular essential in South African cuisine, Boerewors are made from premium pork, beef and a blend of special seasonings. They are considered the “brat” of South Africa. In Afrikaans, one of the many languages of South Africa, “boer” means a farmer and “wors” means sausage.

Q: How is the Boerewors prepared?
A: Boerewors are typically prepared on a braai or a grill, but they can be prepared in a pan and included in a number of dishes. We recommend our Boerewors on a bun with chutney or tomato sauce, like ketchup. However, the SA Braai Boerewors is a great alternative to traditional breakfast sausage, perfect in pasta dished & tasty sliced on pizza!

Q: What make the Boerewors unique?
A: The SA Braai Boerewors is mild, but distinctive in flavor.

Q: Where is the meat from? Where is it packaged?
A: Our meat comes from Pritzlaff Wholesale Meats, a small family owned business. Pritzlaff supplies some of the top restaurants in Milwaukee and Chicago. The sausage is packaged at the Prizlaff’s sausage plant, Riverside Meats.

Q: I can’t find the SA Braai, LLC Boerewors at my local grocery. What can I do?
A: You can call your local grocer and request they carry SA Braai Boerewors in their local section.
Also, feel free contact us at (414) 736-1340.

Q: How can I stay updated on SA Braai events and products?
A: You can “like” us on Facebook and Twitter.