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Milwaukee’s Gatekeepers for Local Food

South African native and second-generation butcher Matthew Devan and his wife Wendi own and operate the sausage purveyor, which started selling its handmade boerewors, or South African bratwurst, part-time at the Tosa Market earlier this year. After their first day at the market, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Wendi sent an email to Metcalfe’s Sentry, located less than a mile away, and heard back almost immediately. The company, strong advocates of the market and .
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SA Braai Debuts South African Links

This one’s called a boerewor (“farmer’s sausage”) from South Africa, brought to Wauwatosa courtesy of the husband-and-wife team of Matthew and Wendi Devan. Their sausage, originating from the Dutch settlers, the Boers, is just one typical offering at a “braai,” or cookout. Braai also describes the grill; “to braai” is to grill out. Read full article.