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South African sausage makes waves at Tosa Farmers Market, grocery stores

It’s not every day a Wauwatosan couple can say they are fulfilling their “sausage destiny” in the greater Milwaukee area. Wendi and Matthew Devan are so lucky. Since choosing to sell Matthew’s original South African sausage at the Tosa Farmers Market in 2013, the couple’s brand, SA Braai (or South African barbecue), has found favor with consumers, area grocery stores — and even resulted in a job, working for Peter Sandroni, chef-owner of La .

Milwaukee’s Gatekeepers for Local Food

South African native and second-generation butcher Matthew Devan and his wife Wendi own and operate the sausage purveyor, which started selling its handmade boerewors, or South African bratwurst, part-time at the Tosa Market earlier this year. After their first day at the market, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Wendi sent an email to Metcalfe’s Sentry, located less than a mile away, and heard back almost immediately. The company, strong advocates of the market and .
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SA Braai Debuts South African Links

This one’s called a boerewor (“farmer’s sausage”) from South Africa, brought to Wauwatosa courtesy of the husband-and-wife team of Matthew and Wendi Devan. Their sausage, originating from the Dutch settlers, the Boers, is just one typical offering at a “braai,” or cookout. Braai also describes the grill; “to braai” is to grill out. Read full article.

Family’s sausage business a hit at farmers markets

It’s one thing to serve your friends homemade sausages at a backyard cookout or, as South African native Matthew Devan would call it, a braai. (Think ‘time,’ as in, “It’s Braai Time”). It’s another thing entirely to serve those sausages citywide. But, with some encouragement from his wife, Wendi — and the support of scores of customers at the Tosa Farmers Market and, more recently, Metcalfe’s Market — the Devans have done just that. .
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